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A music composer and a producer creating across genres. He has created music for Los Angeles Philharmonic, BBC Concert Orchestra or Hollywood Symphony Orchestra, as well as music score for the Mafia 2 computer game. As a music producer, he has cooperated with both national and international top musicians including Irish musician Wallis Bird, Lucie Bílá, Katarína Knechtová, Celeste Buckingham, Kristína, Juraj Griglák and others. 


Devoted to music since he was 10, when he formed a music band called Tucan together with his friend Adam Matej. Later, he began creating electronic and electro-acoustic music. As a member of the Ink Midget & Pjoni duo, he was awarded the Radio Head Award. He also was a member of many improvisation bands like Veni Academy or Musica Falsa Et Ficta. He composed music for multiple short  and regular movies. Together with Adam Matej, he was nominated for the best film music for the movie Špina (Dirt) in the Slnko v sieti contest. He was also awarded the theatre award Dosky and the prize of Tatrabanka Art Foundation together with Katarzia for composing the music for the theatre piece Antigona. 


Roman Ferianc, a music composer, has been cooperating with radio and TV stations in Slovakia and Czech Republic since the 90s. He composes music for commerials, film documents, theatre plays, promo and advertising jingles. He also has been musically active in his alternative project This is Kevin, which has already issued 6 albums. The latest album Deep was issued in June 2018.

Bobsan is the unofficial hipster king of Bratislava. Bobsan/Marek Bohunický is a music producer of electronic dance music, a remixer and an experienced party DJ enthused for dance music, mostly electronic multi-genre on the edge of tasty pop alternative. As a DJ, he has been entertaining people at parties  with his eclectic and speedy mixing for 20 years. His sets draw inspiration from the contemporary bass music, UKgarage, bass house, breakbeat, trap and future bass, hip-hop up to indie-disco, yet Bobsan is able to find a tasteful place for good oldies as well. All this with breath-taking enthusiasm and using gramophones and various blinking DJ instruments. 

Stroon (2).png

STROON is a pulsating element of the Slovak music scene. This is not only due to the vibraphone which is his primary instrument, but also due to a large scale of projects where he leaves his footprint. Dreamy, contemplative no-gravity and conceptual inside, full of modalities, rhythmical patterns, minimalism, distortion, synth beddings and proto-melodic elements outside. He always tries to adapt his live sessions to the place, time and to his listeners. That is why you can hear early electronic music, acoustic compositions, dystopic improvisations, solar preludes as well as his latest creations in his sets. STROON has drawn attention to himself in  2010 with his debut Ruine Noire which had truly positive reviews. Since then, he has been bringing his report on his momentary music direction almost every year. Smithereens, Triple Farewell and Impermanence  were about exploring his own „electronic“ language to which he was gradually connecting the vibraphone. The above mentioned explorations have climaxed with his single, the Astatine, which became one of the most rotated tracks of Radio FM as it was published. His short  EP Chosen Months (2015) was a strong return to his metal roots. His Solar Preludes (2016) have blended the antagonistic worlds of distorted guitar and vibraphone in an electronic form. 

The author of artwork for The 16Hz Project is Ašot Haas. He lives in Bratislava and is active in the wide field of visual arts from design, sculpting, glass artworks as well as in the field of paintings and graphics. He ranks among the most popular authors of his generation  and had plenty of exhibitions, both individual and collective.  

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